Thursday, 23 August 2018

WALT: Write an amazing hook that will capture my audience's interest. Pshhh! pshhh! pshhh! The sound of the waves crashing on the beach followed by the rumbling sound of cars going past my hotel room. It was a weekend getaway with just my mum, my dad, my  two sisters and me.

Dragon with a cold

I am learning how to read smoothly and with expression.
I am learning to summarise the key ideas in a text.

I think that I read good.  I used expression by changing my voice a little bit.  There were some parts that I didn't know the words, so I played the audio.  You will see me freak out. Haha.  I like reading this way.  It helps me learn words I don't know.  Here is my video.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Reading - Mishi-Na

I am learning to read my books well and to change my voice when someone is speaking.
I will:

  • Change my voice.
  • Stop at full stops and commas.
  • Use my reading strategies when words get hard.
I think I did a good job.  Here is a video of me reading.  I hope you enjoy.